Senior Software Product Manager


  • Understand the overall market, competitors and major BI Platforms as well as Lumel’s Modern No-Code BI & Analytics Software Products (Inforiver, ValQ, xViz).
  • Collaborate with developers, engineering and leadership to develop IT product development plans based on market analysis.
  • Work closely with stakeholders (such as customers, business development and the management) to determine their needs and priorities.
  • Translate market and stakeholder needs into product requirements and definitions for the development team.
  • Collaborate with Design and Engineering teams at Lumel on feature ideas and prototypes to bring product solutions to life.
  • Work with the product development team to collaborate with stakeholders to guide featured development and prioritization.
  • Track and report key metrics to drive future product developments.
  • Explore and develop product ideas which may be sourced from interviewing customers, looking at competitors or investigating open source tools and technologies.
  • Ensure that teams implementing Lumel’s software products (such as Inforiver, ValQ, and xViz) and BI add-on solutions (such as SAP Lumira/Microsoft Power BI and Custom Visuals SDK) do so in compatible and scalable applications across various customers Data Platforms.
  • Manage teams using SDKs/APIs for versions of Microsoft Power BI and other Data platforms (such as SAP BO, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure, and AWS).


  • Bachelor Degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Business, IT or related plus 5 years of experience as BI Analyst/Engineer or related using SDKs/APIs for SAP BO, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and BI add-on solutions using SAP Lumira/Microsoft Power BI and Custom Visuals SDK. Occasional domestic travel is required 10% of the time.

Lumel Technologies, Inc.

Job Location
5920 Windhaven Parkway, Suite 130
Plano, Texas 75093

Work Schedule
40 Hrs/week (M-F)

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5920 Windhaven Pkwy, #130
Plano TX 75093
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