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Lumel traces its existence to the products division of Visual BI Solutions – a firm established in 2010 which specialized in delivering analytics products & services for Fortune 500 firms. The firm held a unique position – it delivered BI/DW/Analytics consulting services catering to executives and decision-makers using popular BI software (such as SAP and Microsoft) while leveraging its learning & experience to build custom visualizations that met several unmet needs of its customers.

In 2021, Atos acquired the consulting services business of Visual BI. The products division in turn reorganized itself under a new brand – Lumel Technologies.

Today, Lumel is the world’s largest & leading provider of add-on products in the Microsoft Power BI ecosystem. Our products are known for their disruptive design & user experience which (a) minimizes the learning curve for developers, (b) eliminates reliance on IT departments, and (c) empowers end-users with extensive interaction capabilities.

The products cater to use cases such as reporting, visualizations, discovery, analysis, exploration, simulation, planning, forecasting, budgeting, scheduling, collaboration, audit, administration, and more.

With our full range of products, Lumel offers a one-stop solution for add-on products so that organizations need not buy & maintain products from multiple vendors.

Today, Lumel has 2000+ trusted customers worldwide. Our product downloads for free & trial use have crossed 1 million till date.

Our journey2000+ Customers
Lumel customersLumel customers


Meet Our Leaders


Gopal Krishnamurthy


Jayaraman Anantharaman


Ulises Hubbard

VP, Product Development

Clint Singleton

At Lumel, we plan, design and build inclusive strategic products for our customers leveraging our expertise in Data & Analytics solution spectrum. We work with your executives, business users and analytics teams by creating the right software that best suit your needs.


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